“Thinking of our trip to Lisbon, I will always remember the warm welcome Pats gave us – sharing not only the typical tourist attractions with us but (for us more important!) the insider views / hotspots.

Exploring the city of Lisbon – equipped with the most precious insider tips – was just awesome. Unforgettable will also be our evenings, enjoying great dinner while listening to authentic Fado in a very relaxed and absolutely non-touristic ambience. As we prefer being part of the locals while visiting a city whenever we can, this was just what we wished for.

We had a really great time and hope you will have so, too!“

Eva Wagner
Eva WagnerAustria

“Patricia is a special gem of a person. She organized an unforgettable tour of Lisbon for us last Fall. She arranged a sunset sailing cruise which was very memorable. We also got to see wonderful Fado singers in a very intimate setting.

Patricia knows restaurants that we couldn’t find if we had the best GPS on earth. We ate delicious local food and wine which added greatly to our experience. My wife suffers from early dementia and Patricia was so kind to her, accommodating our program to her every way she could.

In short Patricia is a very intelligent, organized and caring individual. We have such fond memories of Lisbon thanks entirely to her.”

Alan Zimmerman
Alan ZimmermanNew York, USA

“I was absolutely thrilled when I learned Patricia was starting her curated tour service. With her finger always on the coolest creative pulse, she is one of those people who seems to know what is happening before anyone else. And her ability to discover and eagerness to share new experiences has no apparent limit.

Let me put this way: if Patricia offered curated tours of New York, a place where I live and know extremely well, I would not hesitate to use her service on a regular basis. She is that good. Her warm, enthusiastic and expert guidance enabled me to connect with the heart and soul of Lisbon and it has become one of my favorite cities in the world.“

Neal Aponte
Neal AponteNew York, USA

“We started off by doing what other tourists don’t – walk the back streets! Off the beaten track as they say – proper submersion into the local fabric of existence. Which immediately hits you like a refreshing glass of your favourite. Lisboans truly know how to put life before work.

Patricia really accommodated our desires and she was bursting with knowledge of the city; historical facts n dates reaching way back – of course, to when Portugal was at its most magnificent naval heights. Blended with history was also Patricia’s personal interludes and backstories to various areas we visited.

Thank you Patricia and thank you Lisboa.”

Jem & Kylie
Jem & KylieSidney, Australia

“Our weekend was made so special taking advice from friends to take a walking tour with Pats. Wanting to get a real local sense of Portuguese life, culture art and music. Pats opened a Pandora’s box of an incredible insight and vast knowledge of history and hidden gems.

I’m so glad we booked 2 days and nights as we really enjoyed Pats company. Leaving us with having given us a real insight into the soul of the city of Lisbon.

My husband is a lover of museums. Here Pats showed us a young vibrant feel of architecture Museu Calouste Gulbenkian. I love music, which wafts through the streets, bars and restaurants. Each night playing host to the performance of Fado a uniquely traditional form of Portuguese song.

We will return and meet up again to walk with our now Portuguese friend Pats who’s local passion and love of this beautiful city of  Lisbon.

A lasting memory, hoping I find a ‘Pats’ in other cities of Europe I intend to visit.”

Anna Rowe
Anna RoweSidney, Australia

“Thanks so much for the wonderful day touring Lisbon. Pats’ knowledge of the town is incredible. I especially liked the Moorish house she brought me to off the main street. It was wonderful and unlikely to be included on most tours. I would do it again without hesitation.”

Bill Von Esmarch
Bill Von EsmarchSacramento, USA

“In my pedometer, I walked 14,824steps during our half-day tour. By my each step, I felt affinity with Lisbon.

Let me call your tour, “BURA-PAT”. One of my favorite TV programs in Japan, “BURA-TAMORI”, a very popular TV-show. TAMORI, the Japanese star comedian walks “BURABURA” various cities with a historian and a topographist and discover new attractions of the cities. “BURABURA” is an adverb, a Japanese onomatopoeia means wandering around without any goal or purpose. Walk “BURABURA” means walk around or hang around, but in this program means “walk freely, according to your interest.”

Like this program, your tour is full of eye-opening discoveries and carefree, relaxed atmosphere. It was a joy walking “BURABURA” with you!”

Misue Maruyama & Chikako Kawanishi
Misue Maruyama & Chikako KawanishiTokyo, Japan

“Pats was an excellent tour guide. She is very knowledgeable about the history, the architecture, the food and the culture. Pat was also very flexible and willing to accommodate the tour to fit my interests and needs. I only had about 4 hours of free time in Lisbon, and Pats really helped me make the most of the time. I arrived on a red-eye flight, and I appreciated her willingness to adjust the time of the tour so I could get a couple hours sleep.

Once on the tour, she did a great job of organizing it so we could see a lot of things in a very short time. In four hours, I definitely got a good sense of the city. I especially liked the time down near the water front and seeing many of the major monuments in the city. Although 4 hours just isn’t enough time to see everything, Pats did such a great job coordinating our stops and was very tentative to ensure I was getting my needs met the entire time.

If you’re coming to Lisbon, I highly suggest you set up a tour with Pats. I really loved her flexibility and willingness to customize a tour to fit your individual interests and needs.”

Stacey Freeman/Posh in Progress
Stacey Freeman/Posh in ProgressPhoenix, Arizona, US

“Thank you so much Pats for a day I will never forget.

Experiencing Pat’s unique tour of Lisbon has finally opened my eyes to this amazing city and culture.

My request to Pats was to ‘feel’ Lisbon – now I get it and would recommend Lisbon as a world class city to visit, but without a doubt this was enriched by Pat’s knowledge of Lisbon, especially its history. Pat’s crafted her tour to our requests, rather than your bog standard tour or gimmicks, it was a new experience for me that she listened and worked out what we wanted to see and how much detail interested us or not.

Then she added a range of suggestions and gems to consider – a totally personalised experience. That’s why it was special. Pat’s is passionate about her city and wants to share its wonders. So many hidden gems, the secret garden felt like a privilege and the range of landscape views were breathtaking.

I’d also recommend that you ask Pat’s about places to eat. We enjoyed a picnic in the Umbrella Tree Park and later an authentic fish restaurant with great staff but she also pointed out several others with quality food at good prices – I have to return!”

Fiona & Andy Botterill
Fiona & Andy BotterillManchester, England

“It was our first time in Lisbon and Patricia helped to make it all more memorable. She is an amazing tour guide with great character and sense of humor, flexible, and knowledgeable.

Patricia planned our trip to Lisbon from start to finish and it was amazing. In the beginning of the planning process, she asked for what we wanted to experience in our visit and tailored the trip to our needs and desires. She gave us very helpful recommendations and suggestions followed by the creation of an initial itinerary for us to review. The hotel she suggested to us was great and restaurant recommendations were superb!

Thank you Patricia to help us to have great time in Lisbon!”

Bianca & Sasha Sosnovski
Bianca & Sasha SosnovskiNew York, USA

“We had a memorable afternoon in downtown Lisbon with Pats. She is a massive source of local knowledge about the history, culture and current trends in both the capital and the country. She showed great sensitivity to our interests and needs (always finding a suitable ‘watering hole’ when necessary!) and the afternoon literally flew by, ending with a well-deserved drink in a beautiful bar in the Alfama. Her passion for where she lives and what she does is infectious and only our sore leg muscles the next day reminded us of just how much ground we had covered!!!”

Deborah Monje
Deborah MonjeEngland, UK

“In the afternoon we met with Pats. She is a local and took us to all the hidden gems in Lisboa. It was great to walk around the city with someone who knows the city secrets and the hidden spots that a regular tourist might miss. We walked for a long time through the small alleys full of stories and every stop felt like a scene taken out of the movie.”

Arianny Orellanes
Arianny OrellanesWorld Life Experience Team 2018

This was my second time in Lisbon and I wanted to know more about the history, monuments, and food scene. I filled out the easy questionnaire that Pats emailed to me, and she tailored the half day tour perfectly. She has a deep knowledge of the history of Lisbon, and she was very good at pacing the tour and clearly explaining what she was showing me. I could not ask for a better tour or tour guide. I highly recommend taking a tour with Pats, it is worth the money.

Colleen Benett
Colleen BenettOregon, USA